E-Mail Marketing Campaign Management

With Mail Storm you’ll automate all those exhausting tasks that waste so much time. You’ll be up to date on all the market trends, while enjoying maximum security.

Thanks to Mail Storm you can:

  • Automate your list management
  • Set action or time triggered messages
  • Get automatic stat reports
  • Deliver personalized and dynamic campaigns
  • Fine tune your campaigns with split testing
  • Receive a customized mailing plan, just for you

E-mail marketing requires constant tracking, monitoring and optimization of campaign metrics.

The effectiveness of Mail Storm has been tested and proven with thousands of e-mail campaigns already. Because of this, we can better help you boost and optimize your stats with advice on what you should test and how to do it. You will get:

  • User engagement insight (opens, clicks, orders)
  • Constant stat analysis and optimization
  • Relevant A/B testing
  • Upkeep of domain and IP reputation
  • Spam filter work-arounds
  • Detailed examination of negative feedback (bounces, un-subscribes)

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